How To Wash A Cat (5)

Consider the main recommendations and the necessary stages of the process.

How To Wash A Cat (5)

Washing is the most important and difficult moment in caring for a cat. But it is necessary, since it contributes to the loss of all dead hair and the growth of new and lively hair. Only water procedures can completely remove dust and dirt from the cat’s fur, improving the condition of its skin and cleansing the pores.

The article will examine in more detail the main recommendations and the necessary stages of this process.

General recommendations

How To Wash A Cat (5)

The skin of an animal, like that of a person, has a different type of skin, but only in accordance with their breed, color, length and texture of the coat, and heredity. Therefore, for each cat, it is necessary to choose an individual and universal way of washing and products for both skin and coat. But in order to understand what suits your cat, you need to experiment.

Start the washing process as soon as possible. The fact is that a kitten accustomed to this weekly event from the first days will calmly and favorably relate to it when it is already older, so you need to regularly bathe your cat almost from birth, and be sure to thoroughly rinse detergents.

How To Wash A Cat (5)

The cat must be fully prepared for washing. Be sure to cut the claws briefly so that during the water procedure she couldn’t very much strip her master. Further, if you care about how to properly wash your cat, you need to comb it thoroughly with a metal comb, removing more dead hair. If this procedure is not done, then it will be difficult to comb and untangle the fallen dead hair in the drying process. It is necessary to comb out and remove the warlocks in all places.

Then be sure to clean your ears well with a special oil tool. It can wash off during washing.

Be sure to carefully prepare in advance the place where you will wash the cat, putting all the necessary detergents. Otherwise, while you move away from the wet cat, for example, for shampoo, she will be able to jump out and run away at that moment.

The main steps in the cat washing process

How To Wash A Cat (5)

Let us dwell in more detail on how to properly wash a cat, on the process itself. First you need to be aware that you will have to soap several times. Therefore, first we do this in order to wash off strong dirt and rinse the most critical places. We are talking about areas such as the abdomen, paws, behind the ears, the area of ​​the genital glands. It is necessary to use strong special tools that have special effectiveness. Be sure to rinse the shampoo thoroughly.

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Then we start lathering the entire animal, avoiding the head area. This should be done using a special tool for cats of high quality. But when choosing it, the priority should be not the cost, but the effectiveness of the shampoo. To find out, the tool will need to first try. All animals are different, so the choice of shampoo should be individual. The main criterion: it must be high quality. If you are interested in an alternative, then a female remedy for normal hair of any well-known company is suitable.

The soaping procedure should be carried out two to three times, each time completely washing off the shampoo. Once will not be enough to wash off all the fat from the skin, and, most importantly, from the coat of the animal.

Now we start washing our faces using a special shampoo for puppies and kittens “Without tears”. In the event that it is absent, it will be necessary to use a remedy for children.

How To Wash A Cat (5)

Now is the time to use a color enhancer shampoo. On sale there are funds for red, white, motley and other cats. But it is recommended to use only such a tool that only intensifies the natural color of the animal, but does not artificially stain it. The fact is that you can get the final result, which is far from desired. If the cat performs at exhibitions, then it must be borne in mind that painting is prohibited in accordance with the exhibition rules. After using an intensifier shampoo, it must be washed off.

Next, we begin to use air conditioning, as a necessary tool to give shine to the coat of the animal. But you need to keep in mind that in some animals it already has a greasy, shiny shade with a silky texture. Therefore, air conditioning can only spoil the whole thing, you need to experiment.

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That’s all. Now the animal can be dried and combed.

It must be borne in mind that the steps described are just general knowledge on how to wash a cat. For best results, some steps may need to be repeated. The suggested tips are not the only correct ones. The best adviser is your own experience.

How, having no experience in professional washing cats, wash a harmful pet

The guy has a girlfriend, and that one has a cat named Peach. The animal is rather arrogant and knows that the mistress adores him. These two facts are wildly annoying guy. According to the unknown rules of female logic, leaving for the session, the girl leaves the cat not for her best friend, but for her boyfriend. By and large, the cat is completely independent, so the hand-written instructions for caring for your favorite pet has only two points: what to feed and how to bathe the cat.

The guy heard about the fact that you can bathe cats, but did not suspect that you would have to do this yourself. Washing cats is not included in the plans of the young man. He decides that he will limit himself to feeding, and the cat can wash himself. There it was! On the second day of the absence of the mistress, the proud animal gets dirty, as it can, and dirty everything around it. And the question of how to wash a cat is again relevant.

Next, combat and tactical actions unfold with varying success on both sides.

Having no idea how to bathe a cat, the guy catches a mess and drags him into the bathroom. Realizing that this will not end in good, the animal begins to yell wildly and fiercely resist. Having lost three pieces of wool, but having scratched his hands, stomach (through clothes) and the aggressor’s neck, the cat still breaks out and hides in an unknown direction, leaving only the stink of dirty wool. The plan is a failure, because cats can only be bathed if available. The result of the battle: the guy goes to the shower to wash off the blood, dirty hair and the shame of defeat.

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Scolding to himself for all living creatures and for washing cats in particular, the “cat attendant” is looking for his “victim”, since you still need to wash the cat. After a grueling unsuccessful search, the guy decides to rest and read the instructions left by the girl on how to wash the cat. It turns out that Peach really likes to swim, you just need to get a bath of warm water and call a cat by name! The guy knew that cats could be bathed, but the fact that cats were taking a bath was a revelation. Relying on the experience of a friend who knows from personal experience how to “wash” a cat, the hostage takes a bath of water, squeezes out the word “Peach” as affectionately a couple of times and waits, hiding behind the door in an ambush.

Soon Peach appears on the horizon and, incredulously looking around, crawls in small dashes to the prepared pool. How to bathe a cat in the bathroom, the guy laughs at the place when Peach confidently flops into the water and begins to swim, not hiding the pleasure of the procedure. In the process of swimming, it turns out that Peach is not afraid even of shampoo for the effectiveness of washing cats. On the contrary, it catches bubbles with its paws. When all the dirt fell behind the coat and it was time to remove the animal from the water, the question “how to wash the cat” is replaced by the task “how to wipe it”. Unlike swimming, the cat did not like to wipe himself. This became clear when, at the sight of a towel, he flew out of the bathroom at the speed of a water-air torpedo, this time leaving a wet mark.

“Washing cats is not an easy task. But I know how to bathe this cat if it gets dirty again! ”- this is the conclusion that comes to the guy’s head while he drains the water and washes the bath from the wool.


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