How To Wean A Cat To Climb A Table

The cat is sitting on the table … A familiar picture? If this is about your pet and you are unhappy with this, then this article may help you. Because every cat is an individual, and therefore, an approach to it needs a special, unconventional, suitable for him.

Practice shows that weaning a cat to climb a table is easier at a young age, but success can almost always be achieved. Of course, if only the cat does not feel like the owner of the house and does not perceive your attempts to change its powers as an absurd rebellion, which, of course, is a temporary phenomenon.

So, what can be done in order to raise a pet? How to wean a cat to climb the table? Here are a few ways that have already helped some cat owners – I hope they help you too.

General principles: if a cat sits on a table …

First: in order to wean a cat from climbing a table or doing something that you personally don’t like, you should create special educational conditions. It is necessary that being on the table in her would cause persistent hostility – therefore, we will prepare stubborn fluffy for a few surprises – unfortunately, unpleasant.

Second: systematization is important in re-educating a cat. If you apply sanctions for the first jump, you will be lazy for the second, you will not pay attention to the third, then your indignation at the fourth jump will be perceived, of course, with resentment. But if you decide to fight, fight to the end.

The rules of warfare: wean a cat to climb the table is possible!

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1. Our ally is water. Pour water into the spray bottle, let it always stand next to the table – for example, on the windowsill, and as soon as the cat jumps onto the table, immediately spray water on it. Preferably – in the muzzle, in the nose. It is intelligible. Do this regularly. However, there are water-loving cats …

How To Wean A Cat To Climb A Table

3. A rustling table. The table can be covered or covered with something that is unpleasant for your pet. Wean the cat to climb on the table with some success is obtained if the tabletop is covered with foil. You can use cereals, but this is much more problematic. Always use foil when the table is free, and hopefully your cat leaves his bad habit of sitting on the table.

4. Failure. Have you noticed that in the place where something fell on the cat, he will be with displeasure? It is quite possible to use. Lay notebooks or thin books on the edge of the table so that they half hang from the edge, but do not fall. When the cat tries to jump onto the table, it will fall to the floor and books will sprinkle on it. That is why it is important that they are paperback, light and thin. Sometimes for the same purpose it is recommended to use a metal tray, but in this way briefly bring the cat to a nervous breakdown and finally lose his confidence.

Good luck with the re-education of your pet.

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