Is It Possible To Terminate A Cat’S Pregnancy?

There is an abortion in cats in two cases: by decision of the owner and with the recommendations of a veterinarian. An abortion can bring stress to the animal, perhaps it is better to let the cat give birth, because there is a risk of infertility. Most often, it forms when the first pregnancy is terminated. If the veterinarian recommends an abortion to the cattery, relying on the fact that the cat is weak and will not be able to give birth, then to save the pet’s life, it’s worth taking such a risk – to interrupt the course of pregnancy.

Hormone-free abortion

Make a surgical abortion as a person does not work. Thus, when all the embryos are removed surgically, the integrity of the internal organs of the cat is violated, which will lead to complication in the best case or death in the worst case. Therefore, you can apply stylization. By such an intervention, the doctor will remove the ovaries and the uterus along with the fruits. It is worth resorting to such measures only in the early stages of pregnancy, preferably when signs of pregnancy have not yet manifested – up to two weeks.

Is It Possible To Terminate A Cat’S Pregnancy?

With longer periods, there is a risk of complications in the cat, as the uterus becomes larger and becomes covered with a large number of vessels. If you are sure that you do not want kittens at all, then confidently stylize the cat.

Hormonal Abortion

This is a medical abortion, divided into 3 types, depending on the period:

  • Immediately after mating. Estrogens are used. Such a hormone instantly prevents a cat’s pregnancy by preventing the introduction of a cat’s egg cells into the uterine wall. Kittens do not tolerate estrogen. Therefore, it is necessary to use it only as a last resort, since after its use the cat will have to be sterilized.
  • Half the pregnancy. Use prostaglandins. Their use leads to a miscarriage. So the cat gives birth to undeveloped embryos, and they instantly die, being outside the uterus. The release of not all embryos during this procedure is dangerous. The remaining embryos in the uterus will decompose and rot, causing serious inflammation. Surgery will be necessary. When using this drug, the risk of uterine disease and related organs increases. Therefore, subsequent sterilization is recommended.
  • Late Pregnancy. Only glucocorticoids will help. They will provoke a premature birth in a cat. The pet will give birth to already grown embryos, but not viable. Such childbirth is dangerous for the cat; emergency cesarean section may be required.
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The most effective termination of feline pregnancy in the middle of its term. Since the effect of funds actively working in the later stages has not been fully studied by specialists. No one guarantees that such an abortion will be safe.

Side effects

Before deciding how to terminate a cat’s pregnancy, study the existing side effects.

These include the following:

  • Bone marrow function is suppressed. Severe anemia appears. The period of the appearance of the pathology is up to two months after the administration of the drug to the cat. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to cure this and the pet will face a fatal outcome.
  • Pyometer. This is the appearance of various infections in the uterus of a cat during abortion. It is practically not treated with antibiotics. To stop the process of inflammation, it is necessary to resort to the removal of the ovaries.
  • Infertility. A frequent side effect when terminating an unwanted feline pregnancy.

A visit to the veterinarian is required

At first glance, it may seem that it is easy to carry out a medical abortion in a cat on your own – you just need to give a pill or administer the drug. But the interruption process can proceed with complications. In addition, you need to consult with a specialist what drugs are best given in a situational, namely in your case. Therefore, a visit to the veterinarian is required at least in the form of a consultation. If you have a miscarriage, it is advisable that the doctor be nearby and be able to help in a dangerous situation if you do not have the necessary skills yourself.

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Is It Possible To Terminate A Cat’S Pregnancy?

The following drugs are most effective for aborting cats:

  • Estradiol cypionate – from the group of estrogens;
  • Fluprostenol, cloprostenol – from the group of prostaglandins.

Be sure to create the necessary living conditions for the cat after the abortion in order to avoid side effects and any other complications. Your pet will need peace – give up active games. The cat should get enough sleep and feel comfortable. Do not provoke aggression in a cat. It is also necessary to choose a balanced feed, especially if you have sterilized your pet.

Protect the cat from possible drafts, dampness. Coolness can trigger inflammation. It is advisable to protect the cat from the attention of other pets, especially dogs. Regularly monitor the cat’s behavior, its health, with a sharp deterioration in well-being – take the cat to the veterinarian.

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