The Cat Has Constipation, What To Do And How To Help Him

The Cat Has Constipation, What To Do And How To Help Him

Constipation in cats is common enough. Especially if they are fed exclusively with natural food. Constipation in cats is the absence of bowel movements for two days, in some cases for three or even four days, if the cat throughout his life no more than once every two days visited the tray.

Most often, it is caused by certain foods, for example, boiled liver and rice. Pets that feed mainly on wet or dry foods are relatively rarely affected by bowel movements. If the cat has constipation, what to do becomes clear after analyzing his diet. From the pet’s diet, it is necessary to exclude fermented milk products, boiled rice and liver, vegetables, various cereals.

Before deciding what to do if the cat is sick, it is very important to determine what he is suffering from: constipation or bowel obstruction. Obstruction, in turn, is a serious danger, as it can be caused by clogging of the intestine with inedible materials. A consequence of both problems is stool retention, when despite the urge to defecate, the animal cannot go to the toilet. In such cases, the cat’s stomach is tense and firm, while it does not allow touching the stomach and meows in pain. In some cases, solid masses are felt in the intestines.

The cat has constipation, what should I do? First aid

First of all, you need to stock up in advance with liquid paraffin, which can be purchased at a regular pharmacy for people. The use of vegetable and castor oil is strictly prohibited. Petrolatum oil can soften feces and at the same time not harm the intestinal walls. In addition, it is not absorbed by the body, unlike vegetable oil, which is absorbed by the body and adversely affects the liver of the animal. Such assistance can only be provided in cases where there is a 100% guarantee that the cat has constipation, and not bowel obstruction. Otherwise, the use of liquid paraffin can only do harm. Symptoms of intestinal obstruction in cats are: lethargy, refusal to eat, rapid deterioration, a characteristic reserve appears from the mouth. In such cases, the animal needs qualified veterinary care.

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The scheme for eliminating constipation in cats with petroleum jelly

If a cat has constipation, what should he do and how should he be given first aid? First of all, you need to give him 10-20 ml of petroleum jelly 1 time. It should be infused slowly into the corner of the mouth so that the cat does not choke. Vaseline oil has no taste, so the animal should not be very resistant. After 3-4 hours, you need to give about 5 ml of oil a second time. If stool is not observed, then the procedure should be repeated in 5 ml every 3-4 hours, but no more than five times.

As a rule, after the first dose in a cat, an oil with a characteristic odor starts to come out of the anus. This means that he suffers from constipation or partial obstruction. Full effect is achieved within 6-18 hours.

To learn how to make an enema for a cat is easy – it can be done both with liquid paraffin and ordinary warm water. However, an unprepared person may encounter various difficulties, so it is best to seek help from a veterinarian.

After the cat has been eliminated, what should I do next? It is necessary on the first day 2 times to give him 2 ml of liquid paraffin, and on the second day repeat this procedure, but 1 ml of oil. Continuous use of oil is not recommended except in emergency situations.

In order to avoid various relapses, the cat’s nutrition must be balanced, and one cannot drastically change the diet and feed the pet from the human table. Veterinarians recommend giving the cat a special paste designed to remove wool. With proper care of the cat, he will rarely have constipation.

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