The Timing Of Pregnancy In British Cats, When To Give Birth

Pregnancy is the main period in a cat’s life. If she was not a mother, then you need to know important information about her pregnancy.

The British reaches maturity in 8-10 months, estrus can be earlier, but it is better not to knit it before the year. A year or a half is the age when the body of a cat is ready for bearing offspring. It is better to knit a cat after the second or third estrus.

Later, as the mating began, it was not immediately clear whether she became pregnant or not. After estrus, you will notice some signs indicating pregnancy. How many British cats go pregnant?

The first sign of pregnancy is nipples that swell, change color and turn bright pink. At the level of reflexes, the cat prepares its body, often licking its nipples, massaging and preparing them for the load when feeding future kittens. Such changes are noticeable already in the third week. In such a period, the cat has increased appetite, it moves less, is more calm and peaceful.

The Timing Of Pregnancy In British Cats, When To Give Birth

Within four weeks, the sides of the pet are rounded, and at 40-45 days the kittens are already moving, and the veterinarian can already feel the fruits. If possible, you can do ultrasound and X-ray procedures that will help identify the pathology (if any), which will help prevent negative consequences. Pregnancy in British cats is 8–9 weeks.

The Timing Of Pregnancy In British Cats, When To Give Birth

A cat in which the first pregnancy at the first sharp shocks can be frightened and even hide – you need to calm the pet, explaining to her everything that is happening.

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Cat nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy should be varied, as well as balanced. It must be fed with milk and liquid food. It is worth remembering that the need for a pregnant cat in food increases by about 20-50%. But overfeeding the pet is also not worth it.

Between the eighth week and before childbirth, the diet should be reduced. It will be difficult to give birth to a fat cat. It is necessary to reduce the amount of food if it is noticeably gaining weight not because of the growing abdomen.

British cat’s pregnancy

On average, British cats have a gestational age of 62-68 days. If the pet gives birth at 58-70 days, then this is considered normal. Offspring up to 56 days offspring more often die.

In the last days before giving birth, the cat is looking for a secluded place. You can offer her something suitable, for example, a clean box of such a size that the expectant mother could stretch out in her full length and conveniently turn around. Lay a soft litter on the bottom, and on top of the box you need to cover something with something to create a twilight. Put the box where it will not be noisy and disturbing.

The Timing Of Pregnancy In British Cats, When To Give Birth

In the normal course of childbirth, the cat independently gnaws the umbilical cord and carries out the elementary disinfection of kittens, licking them well. Blind kittens are quickly and well mastered, and after 10-12 days they see and hear perfectly.

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