What Kind Of Food Is Better To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat

What should be the diet and diet of young Scottish folds? This question worries those who have just become the owner of a Scottish kitten. In order for the pets to be healthy and in excellent shape in the future, it is necessary to understand the feeding of this breed.

It would be nice to buy and study books about fold cats in advance, and consult with a veterinarian who is aware of the desired products for these animals.

What Kind Of Food Is Better To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat

It is necessary to recognize that this task requires great responsibility, immunity and the general state of mind of a furry pet are at stake.

Food and care for Scottish Folds

Newborn babies usually should have enough mother’s milk for up to 3 weeks. If kittens began to cast their voices more and more often, they should start feeding goat milk, and first they should be slightly warmed up.

However, starting from 12 days, you can gradually add grated meat and boiled chopping to the menu of Scottish fold kittens, and at the end of the second month you can already add young Scots to fresh fruits and other plant components. Then the menu will be harmonious and providing everything you need.

It must be remembered that the diet of Scottish fold babies is supposed to be rich in all the necessary vitamins and minerals for proper growth. The basic components in the menu should be meat and fish. It should not be forgotten that kittens are supposed to be treated invariably by the hour, and serve food that has a temperature above room temperature.

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What Kind Of Food Is Better To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat

Of course, it is most convenient to feed your pets with special packaged feeds, which makes it possible to save time on cooking. For Scottish fold, it is important to purchase high-quality food of an elite level, which was carefully developed by professional felinologists.

With such feeds, you don’t have to worry every day about how to regale your Scottish fold, as you only need to pour the feed into the bowl on time.

Choosing the right food for the Scots

In order for the food of the babies of this breed to be harmonized, so that the young fluffy animals gain all the necessary trace elements, one should take responsibility for the selection of food. Of course, people often rely on advertising in their choice, but this is fundamentally the wrong way.

What Kind Of Food Is Better To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat

You need to know that the Scottish fold food is supposed to meet a number of parameters:

  • upscale level;
  • no preservatives and dyes among the ingredients;
  • natural ingredients;
  • reliable manufacturer.

In order to choose a truly solid and nutritious Scottish fold food that does not contain substances harmful to the well-being and functioning of the body, one should be very careful:

Natural Scot’s Diet

Those who do not have the opportunity to feed their pet packaged harmonized feed should thoroughly understand how to feed Scottish fold with food made from natural ingredients.

What Kind Of Food Is Better To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat

First you need to carefully read the list of products that are advised by professional felinologists. The main ones are meat and offal. It should be noted that beef is definitely included in the menu of the Scottish fold. This meat is previously frozen, and boiled only after a couple of days. It is allowed to treat your pet with a liver weekly.

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Surely, the menu should contain marine fish with a low fat content. Before giving it, it is first boiled and turned into a fillet. River fish is not recommended for cats under the age of one, since it provokes urolithiasis.

What Kind Of Food Is Better To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat

It would be good to dilute the Scottish fold ration from time to time with fermented milk products, such as yogurt, but with a low fat content. Cream should not be treated, their eating can cause the appearance of liver ailments in the Scots. With milk, you can boil cereals, such as rice and hercules, which is a good carbohydrate resource.

Those who decide to feed the Scottish fold with simple food, should also not forget about the need for special vitamins.

You need to know that even a seemingly balanced menu should certainly be supplemented with these additives. They are chosen, ideally, on the advice of a specialist.

Kittens need to be fed with similar vitamins and minerals especially during the intensive development of the animal, so that the cat has the elements necessary for a harmonious formation.

What Kind Of Food Is Better To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat

Do not forget that Scottish folds are very voracious. Because of this, it is necessary to personally control portions of food issued to the pet, but not to allow it to eat too much. You can not forget when the animal beggingly touches.

Products not recommended to the Scots

In order for the furry pet to have good immunity and spend a really long life, it is important not only to organize its menu correctly, but also, which is very important, not to regale it with the following list:

  • Citruses. Their eating may cause nausea and serious poisoning.
  • Coffee and sweet foods. Scottish fold are also affected by dental diseases and overweight, so it is better to avoid sweets.
  • Bones. Disrupt the functioning of the intestines and are not absorbed at all.
  • Dog food. It is designed for other animals, so in cats eating it can cause heart and vascular disease.
  • Fatty dishes. Scottish fold have a weak liver, so pig meat, offal and oil can lead to disastrous results. It is worth trying to avoid this than to further treat the pet for ailments.
  • And finally, feline vitamin preparations are not supposed to be replaced by those for humans, since this contributes to kidney and liver diseases.
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In addition, before starting to take a course of drugs, you should examine your Scottish fold with a good veterinarian, which will help you to understand what is missing and think carefully about the set of supplements.

It was possible to make sure that choosing the right nutrition for the good immunity of Scottish fold babies is quite simple, these cats are not capricious. However, it is worthwhile to consult with a specialist felinologist who specializes in diets for cats. He will be able to develop a diet that is best for a particular individual.

Owners should not forget that they are responsible for the well-being of their pets and the quality of food is very important.

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