Why Is The Cat Sleeping In The Legs

Why Is The Cat Sleeping In The Legs

Why do cats sleep in their legs?

Pet owners often encounter various strange habits of their pets. Most of all questions at those in whose houses cats live. For example, why doesn’t she sleep in a specially bought house, doesn’t play with her toys, doesn’t use a scissors, and so on. But the most interesting is why the cat sleeps at its feet?

A cat is one of the last animals that a person could tame. Despite its independence, this loving and gentle creature often prefers to sleep at the feet of its owner. The simplest and most common opinion of a person about this habit is the love of an animal for its owner. Most often, the cat has to remain alone during the day, which is why at night she tries to spend as much time as possible next to the person.

However, this opinion can be opposed by a scientific fact, which suggests that cats are not able to become attached to humans. But nevertheless, all members of the family of the cat, notice that she shows great sympathy for only one member of the family and sleeps at night only with him.

Another reason why a cat sleeps in its legs. desire to show your worth. This is especially true in those families where there are several pets. The animal thus shows a special affinity with the owner.

The third reason can be called the love of cats for heat. Not everyone will like it when the animal sleeps on the body all night, but much more pleasant if the pet is at its feet. The addiction of cats to heat is also proved by the fact that if they do not have the ability to sleep with humans, then they will choose a battery and heating devices.

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It is believed that a cat is able to cure with the help of its energy. That is why she sleeps next to those parts of the human body that are affected by the disease. In a person after an active, busy day, his legs often hurt and swell. Despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence for this, many cat lovers say that their pets really only lie in places that hurt, and the disease recedes.

Why Is The Cat Sleeping In The Legs

In addition, there is another opinion, which also remains without evidence. In a person, legs often freeze in a dream, and since a cat is considered an energetically strong animal, she is able to understand this and warm her master in time.

And one more version, which can also be called the most fantastic. A person eats energy through a little head on his head, that is, he receives a positive charge through his head, and all negative energy goes into the earth through his legs. Cats, on the contrary, are charged with the help of negative energy, therefore they sleep where they feel comfortable, while taking away everything negative, negative to themselves, taking away all the pain and illness of a person.

Despite all the reasons listed above, it is important to note that all pets are individual and each has its own reason why they are used to sleeping at their feet. However, whatever it is, it will always be based on the cat’s love and respect for the person, because they help only those whom they really and truly love.

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