At What Age Can A Cat Begin To Cut Its Nails

Having made the decision to have a little kitten at home, you should be prepared for scratching it: furniture, wallpaper, sofas and armchairs. To prevent this from happening, you need to know at what age the kitten should cut its claws.

A little cat scratches everything around because of its natural instinct. He does not understand that this is bad, and this should not be done. Thus, the baby even marks its territory. To avoid damage to your property, you need to periodically cut the pet’s claws.

The best option would, of course, be to consult a veterinarian. In this case, you will be sure that everything will happen well, correctly and with minimal shock to the animal. But, sometimes it happens that there is no way to take the cat to the clinic, for various reasons.

At What Age Can A Cat Begin To Cut Its Nails

The claw trimming procedure does not hurt the cat at all, but the present discomfort pushes it away from it, and it starts to resist. The conclusion suggests itself, the sooner you begin to accustom a kitten to nail cutting, the better for him. In adulthood, he will simply have to undergo such a procedure.

Prerequisites for the procedure:

Special nippers are necessary in order to make the edges of the trimmed nail regular. Also, it is strictly necessary to ensure that the nail pulp is not damaged – the place where all the capillaries and nerve endings are located. That is, you need to cut only the transparent edge of the nail, and its pink triangle does not touch.

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Adult cats are more aggressive in various hygienic procedures: bathing, nail cutting. Therefore, it is better to accustom to such procedures from the first months of life. You need to start cutting the kitten’s nails right away, as they have grown to the point that they began to interfere with it. Early age is not an obstacle for this, but only a big plus. While the pet does not understand very well what is being done to him, his mind perceives everything as a game. And while his claws did not have time to fully and fully gain strength, he must be accustomed to regular and necessary hygienic procedures.

At What Age Can A Cat Begin To Cut Its Nails

Kittens will have to cut their claws once or twice for a month. This is not very often, and any owner can handle such a procedure.

At the age of 3-4 months, the kittens have their claws trimmed, as they already begin to interfere with him actively running and moving.

All instruments must be kept in sterile cleanliness; before carrying out the procedure, they must be treated with alcohol. Also, you can let the kitten get acquainted with the nippers for him, the baby will curiously sniff and examine them. If, through negligence, you still injured the pet, and the nail began to bleed, then the wound should be treated with hydrogen peroxide.

A pet shaggy pet should be clean, washed and tidy at any age. A loving owner will always carry out all the relevant procedures on time, and follow all the rules for the care of his beloved animal.

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