How Much Time Do Cats Sleep Per Day?

When a kitten appears in the house, the owners appreciate every minute when a small miracle wakes up to play with it. A small pet sleeps almost constantly. However, when he grows up, the situation will not fundamentally change. For many, it becomes unclear why cats sleep a lot.

How Much Time Do Cats Sleep Per Day?

Most cats have a day to sleep

Indeed, studies of zoologists conducted several decades ago were able to confirm that adults are able to sleep up to 20 hours a day. The rest of the time is enough for them for a modest break for eating and other natural needs. Kittens that are barely 2 months old are becoming more active compared to their younger counterparts. Fluffy newborn babies can oversleep all day, for them it is absolutely normal. And only a natural feeling of hunger can wake them up. Therefore, after eating plenty of mother’s milk, for them again comes the time of sleep.

At 2 months, the kitten begins to move more confidently, crawl around the cat’s mother, may even wake up in her absence, while the time elapsed after eating ceases to matter. Being full, kittens are ready to learn the world, become playful and funny.

Sleep in the first six months of kittens life

After another 2-3 months, small pets become much more mobile. At this stage in the development of the animal, it is the mother who determines how many hours a day her baby will sleep. The kitten sleeps less, because now it is constantly interesting for him to play with other kids, mother or owners, if they managed to excommunicate him from the cat.

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Of course, the number of hours of wakefulness and sleep is of great importance in the growth of the animal. At the same time, it is unlikely that at least one veterinarian can say for sure how much a kitten should sleep. The needs and temperament of the growing animal are especially important factors that determine the personality of a pet in a dream. Meanwhile, more attention should be paid if the kitten began to sleep very much, and sometimes all day. If, moreover, he lost his appetite and desire to frolic, it is urgent to go to the doctor.

It turns out that it is not surprising that an adult cat sleeps about as much as all healthy kittens in 2-3 months. It is difficult for a person to imagine how broken he will feel after such a long rest. However, for cats this is quite normal, and enough sleep, they will find time for naughty games, which will direct their accumulated energy.

How to determine an individual sleep rate for cats?

Calculating how many cats sleep can seem like an easy and simple task. But in order to obtain objective data, it is necessary to constantly monitor the pet every day for a month. Having received an average indicator that will not depend on the weather, the well-being of the cat or the season, you can understand how much time per day a furry pet is in a dream. Kittens (like adult cats) are able to be in a dormant state from 12 to 20 hours.

How Much Time Do Cats Sleep Per Day?

In order to accurately calculate how much time and how often a kitten sleeps, it is necessary not to part with it even for a minute. The owners will have to be patient and become more attentive to the four-legged pets.

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Since the cat sleeps, as a rule, with interruptions, it is important not to lose sight of it, since not only kittens, but also adult cats can relax in the most unexpected places: on the battery, on the window, basking in the warm sunshine or at the feet of the owner. If we put together all the “short dreams”, then in total we will get the very hours that the kitten sleeps throughout the day.

It turns out that the most prolonged sleep occurs in cats in different age groups. The first stage is associated with birth and development in the first 2 months. During this period, kittens sleep quite a lot, only occasionally waking up with the aim of refreshment. In the second age group are elderly pets. Old age is a direct reflection of the blind youth of cats, so their awakening is due to the same needs for food and toilet.

Cat’s dream as an indicator of human relations

Healthy sound sleep can only be achieved by a well-fed animal. A cat that is hungry will not go to bed; it will restlessly search for something edible. Having eaten a good meal, well-fed kittens will instantly fall asleep, and if they think it’s not enough, they will squeak for a while.

The lack of full sleep in cats is a sign that the animal is undergoing stress. For example, when a cat is afraid of something or is afraid, he cannot sleep much. Because of this, the pet can lose body weight, becomes overly shy, begins to hurt. If the cat is equipped with a separate comfortable corner, without disturbing it once again, the animal will gradually return to its usual life rhythm, and will sleep as much time per day as the cat’s body needs.

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An interesting fact is the cat’s choice of the place where he constantly sleeps. Judging by him and the pose in which the fluffy favorite of the whole family sleeps, you can find out how much he trusts his masters. If a cat, starting from the 6th month of life, often sleeps on its back, spreading its legs and bulging stomach, there should be no doubt – its trust in a person can be rated with a high score.

Also a confirmation of the friendship between man and cat is the choice of the last bed at the feet of the owner, at his head or just next to him. When falling asleep, the animal “purrs” loudly, which attempts to demonstrate its comfort and confidence in safety. If the cat has been tense lately, cannot lie down for a long time and tries to choose more secluded places, then she is worried and not sure that they will not be harmed. By building a trusting relationship with the animal, you can get rid of the problem of poor sleep of your pet.

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