Why The Kitten Meows Constantly Possible Reasons

So, today we have to figure out why the kitten meows constantly. After all, the appearance of a fluffy animal in the house. it is almost always a joy. Unless she is clouded too much "throaty" to animals. Sometimes the meow is so strong and annoying that you have to give kittens. Before you agree to such a serious and thoughtless step, it is better to understand what is the matter. It is unlikely that the animal will just make noise and "cast a vote". So why does a kitten meow constantly? What you should pay attention to?

Calling mom

The first reason kittens meow. this is mom’s call. Newborn representatives of the cat family are born blind, they need to somehow draw attention to themselves and call the mother cat to themselves.

For this reason, the kitten is able to meow loudly and for a long time. Moreover, this "cry" usually doesn’t subside at all. Constantly the kitten will tear and call mom. As a rule, such situations often occur when babies are separated from their parents early. You just have to survive this period of time and help the new tenant quickly get used to you.


In fact, the reasons why cats are constantly "cast a vote", lot. Predicting them is very difficult. But remembering the main points is not difficult. Why does a kitten constantly meow?

If you recently brought an animal into the house, the answer is obvious. this is stress. So the kitten reacts to a new home. At a young age, the animal is only able to cry to express its condition. Therefore, this period will also have to endure. New owners should contribute to the rapid adaptation of the pet. feed, caress and show with all his might that is new "family member" in complete safety.

As soon as the kitten adapts to a new place, it will shut up. Getting a cat, get ready for several weeks of mournful crying, especially in the early days of getting used to new housing.

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Why does a small kitten constantly meow? The most common reason for this behavior is. hunger! In this way, your new family member will show what he wants to eat.

This phenomenon is quite normal. After all, when a person is hungry, he talks about it. So animals do the same. Only instead of our usual speech, cute pussies give meow.

Please note: a small kitten will constantly ask the owner to feed him while he is hungry. But adult cats try to meow clearly and only a few times, as if to urge their master to a bowl. Thus, because of hunger, all animals cast their voices. It doesn’t matter at what age.


Why does a Scottish kitten constantly meow? Yes, and not only Scottish, or Siberian, or Persian, but also ordinary not purebred? Thus, the animal can simply attract attention. A common way, very effective. If someone wants attention, he talks about it. And young children usually cry. Kittens do the same. these are the same kids. They are also calling for themselves. Now it’s clear why the kitten meows constantly?

It should be noted that in this way not only babies, but also adults, attract attention. Only they, as already mentioned, try to do poises between "phrases". If the animal is bored too much and longs for communication, it may not be silent for a long time.

What to do in this case? There is only one way out. pay attention to your pet, even if it seems to you that you already carried a lot with it. Only in this case the animal will cease to remind of itself. Otherwise, you have to listen "cat concert" day and night. We exaggerate, of course, but. While the animal is hungry for communication, it will not shut up.


Why does a kitten meow constantly? In addition to the options already listed, there are several more. For example, if the cat requires something. The most important thing. attract attention to yourself. This is what the animal does. Only in this case does it clearly indicate that it wants something. And this is far from the attention of the owner.

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Try closing the door in front of the cat, leaving it on the other side of the room. Most likely, the animal will begin to express its displeasure. Moreover, demand to open the door. How is this expressed? Meowing. And loud, clear and annoying. And scratching.

Also quite normal. Everyone somehow expresses their displeasure and ask for something, right? Cats have just a chic tool for this. meow. How to determine exactly what is the matter? Listen to the tone of the sounds your pet makes. If he is indignant, the animal requires something.

Expression of love

Why does a kitten meow constantly? Another reason could be. love. Thus, kittens and already adult cats show their loyalty to the owner.

Some are surprised: they say that when the cat is well, he does not meow, but purrs! Yes this is true. But there are exceptions. Adult animals usually meow less often, expressing their feelings for the owner. And here are the kids. constantly. They simply do not know how to still quietly purr. Only one thing remains. mew.

Spring came

So we figured out why a newborn kitten constantly meows. Adult cats also sometimes "cast a vote" for similar reasons. But there are several more options for answering this question.

Why The Kitten Meows Constantly Possible Reasons

True, the next moment will explain the behavior of only adults. But it’s worth considering. The thing is that in the spring, cats have a sexual desire. During this period, they begin to meow very loudly. This behavior applies to both females and males.

Everything is explained very simply: cat hormones are naughty. In order to calm the animal, which has become sexually attracted, you have to either use special hormonal drugs (they help, but temporarily), or castrate / sterilize the cat / cat. Only in this way will it be possible to defeat the annoying horror on the part of your pet.

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Why is the monthly kitten constantly meowing? The reasons, as you can see, may be different. But among them one cannot but single out another extremely important factor. If your pet has something to hurt, he will try to show it. And the only thing he can. it’s meow.

This is exactly what the cat will behave if something hurts him. A common phenomenon that hosts rarely pay attention to. However, condemning the owners for this is also incorrect, because it is very difficult to identify the cause. After all, as practice shows, there are many reasons for feline crying. Getting confused is easy. But if your animal is not deprived of attention, it is full, warmed up and at home feels comfortable, it is better to play it safe and take the cat to the vet for examination.


Why else can a kitten meow constantly? Surprisingly, in this way he just talks to you. Animals, like people, are sociable and not very. Therefore, it is surprising that someone is silent all day, and someone "talking"not worth it. No one can say for sure what character your pet will have!

It is impossible to silence the cat in this case. After all, he will still crave communication. The only way that will help here. it’s talking to the cat. No matter how strange it may sound, you must communicate with your pet. Then he will answer you when necessary.

Interestingly, cats only meow with humans. This sound was invented exclusively for us. Between themselves "communicating" thus cats are almost impossible to see.

We hope you now understand why the kitten constantly meows. Yes, there are many reasons. And you need to get to know your pet better to understand this issue.

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